Blog: Kubernetes 1.16: Custom Resources, Overhauled Metrics, and Volume Extensions

We’re pleased to announce the delivery of Kubernetes 1.16, our third release of 2019! Kubernetes 1.16 consists of 31 enhancements: 8 enhancements moving to stable, 8 enhancements in beta, and 15 enhancements in alpha. CRDs are in widespread use as a Kubernetes extensibility mechanism and have been available in beta since the 1.7 release. The 1.16 release marks the graduation of CRDs to general availability (GA). Kubernetes has previously made extensive use of a global metrics registry to register metrics to be exposed. By implementing a metrics registry, metrics are registered in more transparent means. Previously, Kubernetes metrics have been excluded from any kind of stability requirements. There are quite a few enhancements in this release that pertain to volumes and volume modifications. Volume resizing support in CSI specs is moving to beta which allows for any CSI spec volume plugin to be resizable. As the Kubernetes API has evolved, we have promoted some API resources to stable, others have been reorganized to different groups. We deprecate older versions of a resource and make newer versions available in accordance with the API versioning policy.

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