Loading Android Data With Coroutines

Loading Android data with coroutines

Many moons ago, I was working at the New York Times and created a library called Store, which was “a Java library for effortless, reactive data loading.” We built Store using RxJava and patterns adopted from Guava’s Cache implementation. Today’s app users expect data updates to flow in and out of the UI without having to do things like pulling to refresh or navigating back and forth between screens.

Reactive front ends led me to think of how we can have declarative data stores with simple APIs that abstract complex features like multi-request throttling and disk caching that are needed in modern mobile applications. Fast forward three years, Store has 45 contributors and more than 3,500 stars on Github. Today, I am delighted to announce Dropbox will be taking over active development of Store and releasing it in 100% Kotlin backed by Coroutines and Flow.

Store 4 is an opportunity to take what we learned while rethinking the api and current needs of the Android ecosystem.

Source: dropbox.com