How Spotify Aligned CDN Services for a Lightning Fast Streaming Experience

Spotify built its business on flawless content delivery. Our streaming platform serves up more than 50 million tracks (plus an array of images and other assets) to more than 230 million monthly active users around the world — making us one of the world’s leading streaming services. With content that feels instant and immersive, we help our customers have the best experience possible with their favorite artists. Behind the scenes, our technology has evolved over time to achieve our user experience goals. After a decade of growth, we were using a number of disparate CDN solutions — which added complexity to our platform architecture, as well as inefficiency within the R&D organization. Spotify’s multi CDN strategy for audio streaming was working well. However serving other types of content like images or client updates led us to create a new squad that focused on standardizing our CDNs using Fastly’s edge cloud platform across diverse engineering teams, as well as provide automated tools, governance, and support.

Source: spotify

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