Running Online Services at Riot

Running Online Services at Riot

This article reflects on previous infrastructure solutions and describes a new deployment specification that enables us to collaborate with game shards operators around the world. What’s it like to be a part of Riot Tech?

Explore everything from titles and personal development to tech challenges and philosophies. Welcome back to the Running Online Services series! This long-running series explores and documents how Riot Games develops, deploys, and operates its backend infrastructure.

We are Nicolas Tittley and Ala Shiban, software architect and product manager on the Riot Developer Experience team. Our team is responsible for how Riot developers build, deploy, and operate games everywhere our players are, with a focus on a cloud-agnostic platform that makes shipping and operating games continuously easier. In our last installment nearly 2 years ago, Maxfield Stewart wrote about our developer ecosystem and the many tools used then.

Since 24 months is an eternity in this space, we figured we would update you all on how things have worked out, new challenges we faced, and what we learned addressing them!