Demolishing Wallhacks With VALORANT’s Fog of War

Demolishing Wallhacks with VALORANT’s Fog of War

Anti-cheat lead Paul Chamberlain walks us through the technical guts of Fog of War, VALORANT’s anti-wallhack system. From the very beginning of VALORANT development, we made it a priority to build out cheating resistance to ensure competitive integrity. In this article, I’ll walk you through one of these anti-cheat systems – Fog of War.

This is one of VALORANT’s key security systems, which focuses on combating cheats that take advantage of a game client’s access to information, like wallhacks. Cheaters use wallhacks to see opponents through walls. In a tactical shooter like VALORANT, this gives them huge advantages when it comes to individual combat encounters as well as strategic decisions for the round as a whole.

Wallhacks are especially insidious because they give an advantage that isn’t always obvious – your enemies could be using wallhacks… or maybe they’ve just figured out that you rush B every round. We really wanted to prevent that sense of doubt which lingers with players, poisoning their experiences long after the match. Without Fog of War: Wallhacks givea player massive gameplay advantages.