Cloudflare’s Current Expansion Is Different From the Others

Cloudflare’s Current Expansion Is Different from the Others

The company is expanding its US network in a big way, and it’s turned to two edge data center startups for help. In January, Cloudflare, which helps companies make their web services run faster and be more secure – and which more recently started to use its global data center network to also provide cloud computing services – said it would expand the network in the US with three dozen new locations. Shortly thereafter, the company said it would add even more locations in the US – about the same amount as in the first announcement.

It would use Vapor IO and EdgeMicro for the first and second batch of locations announced, respectively. Cloudflare’s network already spans some 200 cities in more than 90 countries, but this round of expansion is different from any infrastructure deployment the company’s done before. Vapor IO and EdgeMicro are both startups building out a new kind of digital infrastructure: small data center sites designed specifically for edge computing.

Each is going about it in its own way, but the result as far as their client Cloudflare is concerned is the same: more Cloudflare computing infrastructure closer to more internet users.