New Kubernetes 1.18 Extends Ingress

New Kubernetes 1.18 Extends Ingress

Last month, the Kubernetes team released Kubernetes 1.18, which extended Ingress. The two most exciting features include a new IngressClass resource and the new pathType field. To minimize the risk for our users who want to try out these exciting new features, the Ambassador Edge Stack supports the latest version of the Kubernetes Ingress specifications.

As a team, we believe strongly in continually supporting evolving standards such as Kubernetes ingress, which we adopted and announced our initial support back in September 2019. Currently, the Ambassador Edge Stack is the only ingress controller that supports these new additions to the ingress specification. Kubernetes 1.18 introduced the IngressClass resource, effectively replacing the annotation convention.

You may define an IngressClass resource with the spec.controller field value of The new IngressClass resource allows for extensibility by setting a spec.parameters field. At the moment, Ambassador makes no use of this field, and its usage is reserved for future development.

If you wish to configure your Ambassador deployment further, using an Ambassador Module resource is still the recommended way.