Reducing UDP Latency

Reducing UDP latency

Hi! I’m one of Embox RTOS developers, and in this article I’ll tell you about one of the typical problems in the world of embedded systems and how we were solving it. Control and responsibility is a key point for a wide range of embedded systems.

On the one hand, sensors and detectors must notify some other devices that some event occurred, on the other hand, other systems should react as soon as possible. Examples of such systems include CNC, vehicle control, avionics, distributed sensor systems and lot of others. At the same time, it’s really hard to develop bare-metal programs for a number of reasons: Developers don’t have much choice for frameworks and languages: it probably will be ANSI C and assembly language even for non-time-critical parts of code which can be developed faster with something else (for example, debugging output, collecting statistics, some user interface for diagnostics and so on)