B-21 Stealth Bomber Running Kubernetes for Better SDLC Experience

B-21 stealth bomber running Kubernetes for better SDLC experience

The new stealth U.S. Air Force B-21 bomber has taken yet another key technological step toward being ready for war, through integrated computer automation designed to streamline information, improve targeting and offer pilots organized warzone information in real-time. Air Force and Northrop Grumman developers recently completedan essential software-empowered process intended to bring greater levels of information processing, data management and new measures of computerized autonomy,according to published statements from Air Force Acquisition Executive Dr. William Roper. Through virtualization and software-hardware synergy, B-21 sensors, computers and electronics can better scale, deploy and streamline procedural functions such as checking avionics specifics, measuring altitude and speed and integrating otherwise disparate pools sensor information.

In effect, it means war-sensitive sensor, targeting and navigational data will be managed and organized through increased computer automation for pilots to make faster and more informed combat decisions.

Source: independenteagle.com