Amazon EKS Now Supports Assigning EC2 Security Groups to Kubernetes Pods

Amazon EKS now supports assigning EC2 security groups to Kubernetes pods

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) customers can now leverage EC2 security groups to secure applications with varying network security requirements on shared cluster compute resources. Previously, all pods on a node shared the same security groups. While IAM roles for service accounts solves the pod level security challenge at the authentication layer, many organization’s compliance requirements also mandate network segmentation as an additional defense in depth step.

Kubernetes network policies provide an option for controlling network traffic within the cluster, but do not support controlling access to AWS resources outside the cluster. Now, network security rules that span pod to pod and pod to external AWS service traffic can be defined in a single place with EC2 security groups, and applied to individual pods and applications with Kubernetes native APIs. This makes it easy to achieve network security compliance in clusters that are shared across multiple teams and applications.