GRPC in the Real World: The Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface

gRPC in the Real World: The Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface

In this article we’re going to look at how gRPC is used by Kubernetes in its Container Runtime Interface (CRI) technology. Bit first, why aren’t we seeing that much gRPC on the front-end? It’s a question that’s been asked many times now and it is one that is well worth answering.

In previous installments of this series, we looked at the historical events that led to the creation of gRPC as well as the details that go with programming using gRPC. We discussed the key concepts of the gRPC specification. We took a look at the demonstration application we created especially for this series.

And, we examined how to use the auto-generation tool, protoc provided by gRPC to create boilerplate code in a variety of programming languages to speed the gRPC development. We also talked about how to bind statically and dynamically to a protobuf when programming under gRPC. In addition, we created a number of lessons on Katacoda’s interactive learning environment that support the concepts and practices we covered in the introductory articles.