Diabetes is actually five separate diseases, research suggests

Scandinavian researchers say a new classification would mean better treatment for patients. Source: co.uk

Magic Leap New Patent Applications

Just some quick notes to let my readers know I am in the process of digesting some new Magic Leap Patent Applications that were published last week. There are several related applications, but the most interesting one was US20180052277 MULTI-LAYER DIFFRACTIVE EYEPIECE. This application is 272 pages long, and I have only had time to flip through it, so this is all preliminary information, so I am mostly going off the figures.

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Queryparser, an Open Source Tool for Parsing and Analyzing SQL

Written in Haskell, Queryparser is Uber Engineering’s open source tool for parsing and analyzing SQL queries that makes it easy to identify foreign-key relationships in large data warehouses. Source: uber.com

Giant human family tree traces how people moved and married over 300 years

Using crowdsourced data from a social genealogy site, a team of geneticists put together a family tree that includes 13 million people. Researchers used this behemoth of a family tree to investigate how much heredity influences longevity and to track shifts in migration habits and marriage taboos in Europe and North America over the last 300 years. Source: arstechnica.com

Gut bacteria key to the vampire bat’s ability to survive on blood

Only three mammalian species are sanguivorous—that’s blood feeding—and they are all bats. Blood, apparently, is not that nutritious. It has almost no carbs, fats, or vitamins; its high iron levels can disrupt heart, liver, and pancreas function; its obscenely high protein and salt levels can cause renal disease if nitrogenous waste products build up. It contains pathogens. It clots. Source: arstechnica.com

Machine Learning Crash Course

How does machine learning differ from traditional programming?What is loss, and how do I measure it?How does gradient descent work?How do I determine whether my model is effective?How do I represent my data so that a program can learn from it?How do I build a deep neural network? Source: google.com

Long Term Depression Permanently Changes the Brain

New brain imaging research from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) shows that the brain alters after years of persistent depression, suggesting the need to change how we think about depression as it progresses. Source: medicalxpress.com

Teams, Microsoft’s Slack competitor, is about to become a whole lot more competitive

The first of these is guest access. Currently on Teams, every person within a chat room must have an account in an organization’s Azure Active Directory. This makes working with outside collaborators awkward, as many of these may not have, and may not want, such an account. Guest access was announced last September, which would allow organizations to create Teams accounts using any email address rather than specifically requiring an Azure AD account; the feature is finally being rolled out next week.

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Captain Obvious Finally Arrives: Ride-sharing Actually Causes Congestion

A recurring theme among ride-hailing executives from the likes of Lyft and Uber is that their platforms will help reduce congestion in the world’s most populous cities. However, anyone actually living in these places will tell you it doesn’t appear to be working. Cities like New York were already clogged with taxi cabs but, instead of seeing all of these drivers buy personal vehicles to enlist as independent contractors for ride-hailing firms, Uber and Lyft brought in new drivers, more vehicles, and fresh competition.

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Most images of black holes are illustrations. Here’s what our telescopes actually capture.

Even though black holes excite the imagination like few other concepts in science, the truth is that no astronomer has actually seen one. We’ve “heard” them, so to speak, as scientists have recorded the gravitational waves (literal ripples in spacetime) emanating from black holes that collided with one another billions of years ago. Source: vox.com