A Visiting Star Jostled Our Solar System 70,000 Years Ago

According to this research, a dim red dwarf star, along with its even dimmer brown dwarf companion—a kind of bloated gas giant that failed to ignite into a full-blown star—came to within 0.8 light-years of our Sun (4.7 trillion miles, or 50,600 AU, where 1 AU is the average distance of the Earth to the […]

Bring Deep Learning Algorithms To Your Security Cameras

AI is quickly revolutionizing the security camera industry. Several manufacturers sell cameras which use deep learning to detect cars, people, and other events. These smart cameras are generally expensive though, compared to their “dumb” counterparts. [Martin] was able to bring these detection features to a standard camera with a Raspberry Pi, and a bit of […]

The 5 Deep Learning Frameworks Every Serious Machine Learner Should Be Familiar With

Deep Learning requires a lot of computations. It typically involves neural network(s) with many nodes, and every node has many connections—which must be updated constantly during the learning. In other words, at each layer of the network, hundreds and thousands of identical artificial neurons perform the same computation. Therefore, the structure of a neural network […]

Automated front-end development using deep learning

Automated front-end development using deeplearningSketchCode: Go from idea to HTML in 5secondsAshwin Kumar was previously the co-founder of Sway Finance, a Y Combinator-backed startup that used machine learning to automate accounting. At Insight, he developed a model that allows users to create working HTML websites from hand-drawn wireframes, significantly accelerating the design process. He is […]

Machine Learning Top 10 Open Source Projects

We compared projects with new or major release during this period. Mybridge AI ranks projects based on a variety of factors to measure its quality for professionals. Source: mybridge

How AI can learn to generate pictures of cats

The generator is a counterfeiter trying to produce seemingly real data. It has no idea of what the real data is, but it learns to adjust from the feedback of the other model.The discriminator is a inspector trying to determine what the fake counterfeit data is (by comparing it with real data), while trying to […]

GPU-accelerated Neural Networks in JavaScript

While its feature set is geared towards neural networks, deeplearn.js can be described as a general-purpose machine learning framework. Propel is a library for scientific computing that offers automatic differentiation. Gpu.js provides a convenient way to run JavaScript functions on the GPU. Brain.js is a continuation of an older neural network library and uses gpu.js […]

AI Psychosis

Unknown is if they will remain uniquely human. Research in artificial intelligence is making spectacular progress; for manyresearchers, this progress is along the path to developing human-like general AI. This leads to a troubling thought: will a human-like AI inherit human-like disorders of thought? Source: medium

Water shortages could affect 5bn people by 2050, UN report warns

Drought and soil degradation are already the biggest risk of natural disaster, say the authors, and this trend is likely to worsen. “Droughts are arguably the greatest single threat from climate change,” it notes. The challenge has been most apparent this year in Cape Town, where residents face severe restrictions as the result of a […]