Why Doing Good Makes It Easier to Be Bad

In a recent paper, economists at the University of Chicago reported that working for a socially responsible company motivated employees to act immorally. In one experiment, people were hired to transcribe images of short German texts and paid 10 percent upfront, with the remaining payment being delivered if they completed the transcriptions, or if they […]

The autonomous “selfie drone”

Skydio, founded by three MIT alumni, is commercializing an autonomous video-capturing camera drone, called R1 and dubbed the “selfie drone,” that tracks and films a subject, while freely navigating any environment. Source: mit

Larry Page’s autonomous air taxi ‘Cora’ flies in New Zealand

Reports surfaced in 2016 that Google co-founder (and now Alphabet CEO) Larry Page had two ‘flying car’ projects in the works, and while we saw the Flyer recreational vehicle unveiled last year, today it’s time to meet Cora. An ‘air taxi’ developed by Page’s Kitty Hawk company, the electric aircraft is intended for use as […]

PyTorch – Internal Architecture Tour

This post is a tour around the PyTorch codebase, it is meant to be a guide for the architectural design of PyTorch and its internals. My main goal is to provide something useful for those who are interested in understanding what happens beyond the user-facing API and show something new beyond what was already covered […]

Building Windows: 4 million commits, 10 million work items

Microsoft’s switch to using Git as the version control system for Windows’ development has resulted in many challenges. Git wasn’t really built for a 300GB repository with 3.5 million files, and the engineering effort to make Git scale in this way continues. Source: arstechnica

Semantic Image Segmentation with DeepLab in Tensorflow

Today, we are excited to announce the open source release of our latest and best performing semantic image segmentation model, DeepLab-v3+ [1], implemented in Tensorflow. This release includes DeepLab-v3+ models built on top of a powerful convolutional neural network (CNN) backbone architecture [2, 3] for the most accurate results, intended for server-side deployment. As part […]

Why the Tiny Weight of Empty Space Is Such a Mystery

The controversial idea that our universe is just a random bubble in an endless, frothing multiverse arises logically from nature’s most innocuous-seeming feature: empty space. Specifically, the seed of the multiverse hypothesis is the inexplicably tiny amount of energy infused in empty space — energy known as the vacuum energy, dark energy or the cosmological […]

It’s Time to Make Human-Chimp Hybrids

It is a bit of a stretch, but by no means impossible or even unlikely that a hybrid or a chimera combining a human being and a chimpanzee could be produced in a laboratory. After all, human and chimp (or bonobo) share, by most estimates, roughly 99 percent of their nuclear DNA. Granted this 1 […]

Facebook’s Bet on an Augmented Reality Future

Today, Facebook is fighting its fellow technology powerhouses, Apple AAPL +1.72% and Google — and still to some extent, Snap — in a high-stakes battle to rule as the platform of choice for AR developers. The technology itself, while still in its infancy, has exploded in popularity, confirming Zuckerberg’s more recent intuition that AR could […]