Ubisoft is using AI to catch bugs in games before devs make them

At the recent Ubisoft Developer Conference in Montreal, the French gaming company unveiled a new AI assistant for its developers. Dubbed Commit Assistant, the goal of the AI system is to catch bugs before they’re ever committed into code, saving developers time and reducing the number of flaws that make it into a game before […]

Microsoft to offer governments local version of Azure cloud service

The new offering, which will be made available in mid-2018, is designed to appeal to governments and agencies with needs for on-premise servers, such as in a military operation or in an embassy abroad, said Tom Keane, Microsoft Azure’s head of global infrastructure. Source: reuters

AI Researchers Aim to Crack Code on ‘Sun Energy’

Since the ’50s, scientists have chased the promise of clean energy from sun-like reactions between deuterium and tritium, the plentiful isotopes of hydrogen. This carbon-free energy, achieved at temperatures of 360 million degrees Fahrenheit, would offer a great way to heat water and, in turn, spin turbines to create countless kilowatts of electricity. Source: nvidia

A Framework for Building Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

AI will likely become the most important technology of our era as it’s improved upon over time, but we’re still in the early stages of deployment, CIO Journal Columnist Irving Wladawsky-Berger writes. History shows that even after technologies start crossing over into mainstream markets, it takes considerable time for the new tech to be widely […]

A Preview of Bristlecone, Google’s New Quantum Processor

The goal of the Google Quantum AI lab is to build a quantum computer that can be used to solve real-world problems. Our strategy is to explore near-term applications using systems that are forward compatible to a large-scale universal error-corrected quantum computer. In order for a quantum processor to be able to run algorithms beyond […]

Jeff Bezos Has Spent $42M Building a Clock to Run 10,000 Years

The heart of the clock is a titanium torsion pendulum that beats once every 10 seconds. The falling weight that powers the clock can be wound by hand, but it is kept wound by solar power: sunlight shines into an aperture in the 500-ft.-deep chamber in which the clock sits, striking an air-filled cylinder. The […]

First firing of air-breathing Electric Truster

In a world-first, an ESA-led team has built and fired an electric thruster to ingest scarce air molecules from the top of the atmosphere for propellant, opening the way to satellites flying in very low orbits for years on end. Source: esa

A new storage engine for PostgreSQL to provide better control over bloat

In-place updates will be supported except when (a) the new tuple is larger than the old tuple and the increase in size makes it impossible to fit the larger tuple onto the same page or (b) some column is modified which is covered by an index that has not been modified to support “delete-marking”.  Note […]

New Giant Viruses Further Blur the Definition of Life

For decades, descriptions of viruses have straddled life and nonlife, a divide that usually isn’t difficult to navigate. Their hallmark characteristics, namely their small size, tiny genomes and parasitic dependence on cellular hosts for replication, set them apart from all other living things despite their animation. But that story has gotten far more puzzling — […]

Insulator or superconductor? Physicists find graphene is both

Physicists at MIT and Harvard University have found that graphene, a lacy, honeycomb-like sheet of carbon atoms, can behave at two electrical extremes: as an insulator, in which electrons are completely blocked from flowing; and as a superconductor, in which electrical current can stream through without resistance. Source: mit