Scotland’s floating wind farm is showing how powerful offshore wind can be

The world’s first commercial floating offshore wind farm, called Hywind, started sending electricity to the grid last October. Since then, the six-turbine, 30MW installation has been working well. Really well. In fact, Hywind has had a 65-percent capacity factor over the last three months according to Statoil, the Norwegian mega-corporation that built the wind farm off […]

Is it time to take the Hyperloop seriously?

Imagine traveling the length of the United Kingdom—from London to Edinburgh, 400-plus miles—in under an hour. A journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco would take less than 30 minutes (five hours less than the average drive between the two cities). Your journey would be safe and comfortable, your carbon footprint almost non-existent. Source: arstechnica

DNA nanobot ‘starves’ tumors

A DNA nanorobot programmed to transport blood-coagulating proteins specifically into tumours so that their blood supply is blocked could make for a promising new cancer therapeutic. The new system, which literally “starves” the tumour, only destroys cancer cells and not surrounding tissue. It has been shown to work on breast, lung, melanoma and ovarian tumours […]

Some of the World’s Biggest Lakes Are Drying Up

We were driving on the lake bottom, yet we were more than 12,000 feet above sea level. The spring air was lip-chapping dry. Many of the fishing villages that have relied on Lake Poopó for thousands of years have emptied too, and we drove past clusters of abandoned adobe homes. Dust devils danced around them, […]

Exploring the Linguistics Behind Regular Expressions

Little did I know that learning about Chomsky would drag me down a rabbit hole back to regular expressions, and then magically cast regular expressions into something that fascinated me. What enchanted me about regular expressions was the homonymous linguistic concept that powered them. Source: dev

Machine learning algorithms used to decode and enhance human memory

When it comes to brain measurements, the best recordings come from inside the cranium. But people—and institutional review boards—aren’t usually amenable to cracking open skulls in the name of science. So Kahana and his colleagues collaborated with 25 epilepsy patients, each of whom had between 100 and 200 electrodes implanted in their brain (to monitor […]

Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientists May Know Why

A diet of fiber-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Indeed, the evidence for fiber’s benefits extends beyond any particular ailment: Eating more fiber seems to lower people’s mortality rate, whatever the cause. Source: nytimes

Large Scale NoSQL Database Migration Under Fire

The following post describes how we migrated a large NoSql database from one vendor to another in production without any downtime or data loss. The following methodology has worked for us and has been proven to be safe and simple. I am sure that there are several techniques for migrating NoSql databases, but here are […]

Recreating the self-driving experience: the making of the Waymo 360° video

Today we’re introducing a Waymo 360° experience — an immersive video that recreates in full detail a self-driving ride. Go ahead: take control of the camera to see through the “eyes” of our car and take a ride in a Waymo yourself. On mobile, just move your phone around to explore — or use it with a virtual reality […]

Bonsai AI: Using Simulink for Deep Reinforcement Learning

Simulink provides a great training environment for DRL as it allows 3rd parties like Bonsai to integrate and control simulation models from the outside. This ability is one of the basic requirements for simulation platforms to be feasible for Deep Reinforcement Learning using Bonsai AI. More requirements can be found here. Source: towardsdatascience