Large Scale NoSQL Database Migration Under Fire

The following post describes how we migrated a large NoSql database from one vendor to another in production without any downtime or data loss. The following methodology has worked for us and has been proven to be safe and simple. I am sure that there are several techniques for migrating NoSql databases, but here are […]

Recreating the self-driving experience: the making of the Waymo 360° video

Today we’re introducing a Waymo 360° experience — an immersive video that recreates in full detail a self-driving ride. Go ahead: take control of the camera to see through the “eyes” of our car and take a ride in a Waymo yourself. On mobile, just move your phone around to explore — or use it with a virtual reality […]

Bonsai AI: Using Simulink for Deep Reinforcement Learning

Simulink provides a great training environment for DRL as it allows 3rd parties like Bonsai to integrate and control simulation models from the outside. This ability is one of the basic requirements for simulation platforms to be feasible for Deep Reinforcement Learning using Bonsai AI. More requirements can be found here. Source: towardsdatascience

How Do Drone Light Shows Work?

MRS is a new initiative of the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Multi-Robot Systems, and it’s intended to bring together researchers who are in the field of multi-robot systems (MRS) and multi-agent systems (MAS). “Typically MRS/MAS research is spread across large conferences, so the intent of this more focused conference is to bring those researchers […]

The Birth of A.I.

Waze famously disrupted GPS navigation by crowdsourcing user data from mobile phones, instead of purchasing costly sensors tied to city infrastructure, as Nokia had done before them. Waze then scaled with low overhead costs by using machine learning algorithms to find precise traffic patterns that optimized each user’s route. The end result of this dynamic […]

Demystifying Quantum Gates — One Qubit At A Time

If you want to get into quantum computing, there’s no way around it: you will have to master the cloudy concept of the quantum gate. Like everything in quantum computing, not to mention quantum mechanics, quantum gates are shrouded in an unfamiliar fog of jargon and matrix mathematics that reflects the quantum mystery. My goal […]

How to play Quidditch using the TensorFlow Object Detection API

Image classification using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) is fairly easy today, especially with the advent of powerful front-end wrappers such as Keras with a TensorFlow back-end. But what if you want to identify more than one object in an image? Source: freecodecamp

Machine Learning Workflow on Diabetes Data : Part 01

This article will portray how data related to diabetes can be leveraged to predict if a person has diabetes or not. More specifically, this article will focus on how machine learning can be utilized to predict diseases such as diabetes. By the end of this article series you will be able to understand concepts like […]

So what’s new in AI?

I graduated with a degree in AI when the cost of the equivalent computational power to an iPhone was $50 million. A lot has changed but surprisingly much is still the same. Source: towardsdatascience

Hacking the Brain with Adversarial Images

This is an example of what’s called an adversarial image: an image specifically designed to fool neural networks into making an incorrect determination about what they’re looking at. Researchers at Google Brain decided to try and figure out whether the same techniques that fool artificial neural networks can also fool the biological neural networks inside […]